Do I need to build up first before cutting to acquire lean muscle?


Do I need to build up first before cutting to acquire lean muscle?

I advise individuals to trim out the bulk. Simply put, they have a propensity to eat poorly and put on weight. Yo-yo dieting is what the bulk and cut routine entail. Learn to always consume low-carb, high-fiber foods with enough protein. On average, bodybuilders consume far too much protein. I see far too many young people in the gym who are smooth and have a lot of subcutaneous fat. They have harbor seal features. I enjoy maintaining a trim physique while yet adding muscle. I'm 72 years old and constantly appear this way. Don't cut and bulk.

The first area to accumulate fat is often the belly, particularly in the area surrounding your organs. For your prehistoric hunter-gatherer ancestors, this represented emergency stores. This fat cannot be lost with typical dieting. To ever lose it, you must literally starve (fast for a longer period of time). The fat then travels under your skin and between your muscle fibers (interstitial and subcutaneous). The marbling on an excellent ribeye steak is similar to the interstitial fat. From the exterior, this marbling is not particularly obvious. But it does give the muscle a greater appearance. Because his muscles are bigger, it deceives the young bodybuilder into thinking he has put on a lot of muscle. It results in a muscle that appears mushy. Serious bodybuilders frequently discuss this.

They are aware that this soft muscle that is partially fatty is a bloated phony muscle and will never give them the desired image.

Let's now discuss the consequences of frequently bulking and cutting. The essential phrase is "repeatedly." According to studies, 93% of people who diet and lose weight do so only to gain it all back within a year (see page 103 of Dr. Jason Fung's "The Complete Guide to Fasting" for more information). Therefore, all of the trimming for people who desire to bulk up and cut is only temporary. Most certainly, everything will come back to haunt you. You'll grow in size, but you'll also put on weight. The expression "bulk and cut" has to be replaced with "become big but fat." Simply take a glance around the gym to see what I mean. There are a lot of huge, chiseled men around. However, they appear to be soft, smooth muscles.

Additionally, they have a protruding abdomen caused by the abdominal fat I already discussed. Rarely do you see the hard-muscled person everyone aspires to be, who is muscular but slender and defined?

I get so much contradicting advice when young bodybuilders ask me, Who ought I to listen to? I claim that the best course of action is to just gaze upon the subject. Try their advice if they appear the way you wish to appear. Ignore them etiquettefully if they are not ripped, hard, and lean.

I am aware that many professional bodybuilders have practiced bulking and cutting for many years. These are the same guys who use testosterone injections, human growth hormones, and steroids. Until their testicles shrivel and quit generating testosterone, they take steroids. They pass away far too soon. They act in foolish ways. These are not the best people to ask for advice on your health.

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I should also mention that your body will produce more growth hormones when you combine a permanent low-carb diet with intermittent fasting and time-restricted eating. Because of this, it's possible to simultaneously burn fat, reduce fat, and build muscle.

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